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Current Residents

Owned and governed by United Methodist Women, The United Methodist Church, Brooks-Howell Home is open to retirees and staff of the United Methodist Women (formerly Women's Division), missionaries of the former National and World Divisions (now the General Board of Global Ministries) and others approved for residency. A majority of the residents are missionaries and deaconesses.

Anderegg, Joyce
Benson, Marilyn
Bowden, Sarah Frances
Campbell, Barbara
Carmichael, Susan
Charlton, Ellie
Craven, Margaret
Crounse, Barbara
Estel, Grace
Fischer, June
Frey, Helen
George, Loise
Hill, Helene R
Hipkins, Jim
Hipkins, Gail
Howe, Coy
Howell, Elizabeth
Janzen, Ann
Jones, Esther
Krummel, Fusako
Letzig, Betty
Markham, Barbara
McKenzie, Anne
Megill, Esther




Merritt, Arlene
Miller, Virginia
Mohansingh, Lois
Maxwell, Lela
Morgan, Jean
Morris, Frieda
Pittman, Debbie
Raddon, Ethel
Reddick, Beverly
Ruegger, Jorie
Smith, Jayne
Smith, LeGrand
Smyth, Richard
Smyth, Sylvia
Strunk, Leon
Strunk, Martha
Turman, Donald
Turman, Ramona
Tyson, Dana
Walther, Ruth
Woodcock, Everett
Woodcock, Vera
Wray, Naomi






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