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Current Residents

The link below will open a .pdf document with the names and birthdays of missionaries, deaconesses, and United Methodist Women staff currently living at Brooks-Howell.

To send a card or greetings to an individual resident, address the card to them and use the Brooks-Howell address. Some UMW groups chose to send cards to several residents in a single envelope. To do that, address the outer envelope to Resident Services, Brooks-Howell Home at the address below. Put the individual resident's name on the inner envelopes. If these are birthday cards, it is helpful to have the birthdate on the individual card.

Thank you to all who take time to remember our retired residents and their many years of service in mission here and abroad!

Brooks-Howell's mailing address is:
266 Merrimon Ave
Asheville NC 28801.





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