This year, Lent begins on Valentines day, and from there it’s forty days (excluding Sundays) until Easter. During this time we enter into a period of self-improvement, seeking to refocus our lives on God. It’s a season of sacrifices but it’s also about taking on new practices and making ourselves into better people. While it’s true that we fast during lent, we also add things to our lives. Prayer, study, and service are some of the things that are commonly practiced during Lent. And while these are all very important, please do not forget another very important practice that many of us struggle with: rest. It can be very difficult to find time to rest between work, school, relationships, family and other responsibilities  Resting on the Sabbath is important, but we can also find moments throughout every day to be in God’s presence. We suggest meditation, light reading, and even afternoon naps. When we are well-rested we will feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually.
We hope that everyone has a blessed and restful Lent!

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