Brooks-Howell is fortunate to have an Advisory Board which provides recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding Brooks-Howell’s operations. The Advisory Board is comprised of United Methodist Women leaders and employees and other United Methodist members, including Brooks-Howell residents. We thank each and every member who gives their time, energy and wisdom to ensure Brooks-Howell continues to live out its motto “called, served, serving still”.

Voting Members

  • Joanie Strohm, President
  • Leah Knuth, Vice-President
  • Delores Meadows, Secretary
  • Gwen Harris
  • Ruby McClung
  • Leah Knuth
  • Dixie Liggett
  • Maureen Carr
  • Jack Ellison
  • Deb Demorest
  • Roger Rio


Ex-Officio Members (with vote)

  • Fran Jordan, Blue Ridge District President, United Methodist Women
  • Jeanette Byrd, Blue Ridge District UMW Education & Interpretation Co
  • Charles Pittman, Health Center Residents’ Council President
  • Don Turman, Independent Residents’ Council President
  • Mary Z. Longstreth and Betty Swarthout, Brooks-Howell Residents’ Council members (elected by that body)


Ex-Officio Members (without vote)

  • Rev. Beth Crissman, Superintendent, Blue Ridge District UMC
  • Julia Willis, President, UNCC United Methodist Women
  • Halina Mui, Controller, United Methodist Women (National Office)
  • Martha Knight, Treasurer, United Methodist Women (National Office)
  • Carole Gilham, Health Care Administrator/Business Director

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