Brooks-Howell is located in the Five Points section of Asheville, NC.   Our neighborhood is an interesting mix of people who’ve lived here for generations as well as new young professionals desiring a place to raise their children in an urban setting.  What is unique about Five Points is that it includes a group of people who actively care for the city and their neighborhood.  We meet regularly to discuss issues that are relevant to us as local citizens in Western North Carolina.

Within walking distance from our home are local churches, drycleaners, grocery stores, and restaurants.  Traveling north from our front entry, you will find banks, pharmacies, parks, the local greenway, UrgentCare, restaurants and grocery stores within two miles.

While Asheville is growing to become a widely recognized tourist destination, it still has a “home town feel.”  Its growth has been enhanced by a thriving cultural arts community, a unique culinary scene, and a wide diversity of outdoor activities.  Downtown is within walking distance from Brooks-Howell and most local tourist destinations are within a 20 minute drive.

Some of our local spots to visit: