We affirm that each resident has a voice in our community.  Our Residents’ Council provides an opportunity for independent and healthcare residents to share feedback, organize community life, and work closely with administration.

Our Purpose:

  • To help create community
  • To express the collective desires of the community
  • To act as a forum for concerns, welfare, and needs of residents
  • To work together with administration and staff for the common good of the community

The council has an Executive Committee that meets quarterly.  The Executive Team shares reports with the committee as well.

Quarterly, the full Residents’ Council meets as well.  Committee reports are shared and actions are voted on by members in attendance. At this meeting, the full administrative team attends, and the Executive Director provides a detailed report including a summary of each department head’s report.

All residents of Brooks-Howell Home are members of the Residents’ Council.  The Council seeks to include each resident in the daily life of Brooks-Howell regardless of abilities.